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sonic vs shadow vs siver sonic vs shadow vs siver

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Hey bros, are you mad?!
I can't imagine that you published this project (I can't even call it a game) and blame me for making this game messed up!
I don't know why you added me into this project. Within the whole process, you didn't tell me what to do. So I thought you just want an example project for testing, so that I meant to be helpful and uploaded a swf for you, only for testing.
All you have done is create a project, invited lots of people and saying that you want to make a sonic game. No documents, no communications and I even don't know what you want me to do! Finally you published it and blame me for making this messed up? God!

supersayinkai responds:

well I didn't know when I first tried playing the preview it was messed up if you just told me cause now I hate you I can't beleive I even added you to my project man dude I only blemed you because your yhe one that downloaded the swf I thought you were my friend I thought wrong .. you added a new swf I thought you were mad at me for blameing you well I'm sorry and thanks you probably still mad at me I'm so so sorry what the heck ntfusion why is the screen white oh my god I'm just so mad I'm not gonna see if you fixed it sorry I'll never talk to you again